How To Create The Perfect Wimbledon Afternoon Tea Picnic

The Wimbledon Championships are not just about the game of tennis; they are an iconic celebration of British summer, tradition and the joys of raising a glass with friends outside. The classic way to enjoy the tournament is of course a Wimbledon picnic, complete with colour, vibrancy and tempting delights. Here’s our guide to creating the perfect Wimbledon afternoon tea picnic, including some wonderful Wimbledon picnic ideas for a quintessentially British experience.

The Wimbledon Picnic: Steeped in Tradition

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, steeped in history and tradition. Established in 1877, it has become synonymous with summer in Britain. The event is renowned the world over for the heritage and culture that surrounds the tournament: its lush green lawns, the Royal Family’s presence and white outfits. Strawberries and cream, Pimm’s and classic sandwiches all capture the timeless essence of the event and can combine to create a glorious Wimbledon picnic spread!

Whether you’re enjoying your treats court-side, hosting a Wimbledon party at home, or taking a picnic to enjoy at a scenic location, we’ve got tips to help you put on an impressive themed afternoon tea.

The Perfect Wimbledon Picnic Spot

If you’re attending Wimbledon, be sure to find a designated picnic spot area for you to enjoy the matches on big screens. Arrive nice and early so you have a clear view all day long.

If watching at home or al fresco, bring along a portable radio or tablet to keep up to speed with the matches. If there are children attending the picnic, consider bringing lawn games such as badminton or croquet to keep them entertained.

Preparing the Wimbledon Afternoon Tea Picnic

Once you’ve got the logistics of your day planned, you’ll need to put plans into motion and rustle up some wonderful Wimbledon picnic ideas! There are a number of components to consider when planning to ensure that your celebrations go as smoothly as possible, from how you’ll transport your picnic to the treats you’ll be tucking into when your blanket is stationed and the hamper opened! The perfect Wimbledoon afternoon tea picnic should include:

1. The Essentials

  • Picnic blanket: A large, comfortable blanket is essential for lounging.
  • Cooler bag: Keep your food and drinks fresh and cool with an insulated cooler bag. The Wimbledon Championships won't let you bring hard-sided cool boxes into the grounds, so stick to something soft.
  • Reusable utensils and plates: Opt for eco-friendly options such as bamboo or stainless steel utensils and plates.
  • Napkins and wet wipes: Handy for keeping things clean and tidy.

2. Salads and Savouries

  • Sausage rolls, scotch egg, quiche and pies: Everyone’s favourite portable snack, these are a fantastic Wimbledon picnic idea. They’re filling, tasty, simple to portion and easy to eat while lounging.
  • Finger sandwiches: Traditional afternoon tea sandwiches such as cucumber, smoked salmon and pate are ideal for a Wimbledon picnic.
  • Salads: Go for salads that can take a bit of time and tumble - such as a vibrant Greek salad where the flavours will intensify over time, a bean salad, or a Piccalilli potato salad.
  • Cheese and Charcuterie: A selection of British cheeses and cured meats, accompanied by crackers and chutneys, is a sophisticated addition to your picnic spread.

3. Classic British Treats

  • Strawberries and Cream: This iconic duo is the perfect serve for Wimbledon. Fresh, juicy strawberries served with clotted cream are the ideal simple yet indulgent treat.
  • Scones with Strawberry Jam and Clotted Cream: No British picnic is complete without scones. Pack some freshly baked scones along with strawberry jam and clotted cream.

4. Drinks

  • Pimm’s: A quintessential British summer drink, Pimm’s No.1 Cup is a must-have. Serve it with lemonade, fresh mint, cucumber, strawberries, and orange slices for a refreshing, classic serve.
  • Champagne: To add a touch of luxury, bring along a bottle of chilled champagne. It’s perfect for toasting the victories of your favorite players.
  • Iced tea and lemonade: For non-alcoholic options, consider homemade iced tea and lemonade. They are refreshing and perfect for a sunny afternoon.

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Enjoy your Wimbledon picnic and cheers to a fantastic British summer!