Complete your pantry with luxurious British butter from the hand-selected range available at DukesHill. We have carefully curated a collection of the highest quality English & British butter to provide the best flavours and guaranteed depth to your cooking. From our organic and award-winning Hollis Mead butter to handmade cultured Bungay and Ampersand butter, you can taste the difference when you shop online with DukesHill today!

Choose your favourite block of salty goodness, or step away from the familiar and try something new with our handy taster selection of cultured butter. Perfect for special occasions or mixing things up in the kitchen, these raw, rich and creamy grass-fed butters are a truly indulgent choice.

With the chance to earn rewards every time you shop, why not treat your family to total buttery goodness from DukesHill today?
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  • Hollis Mead Organic Salted Butter - DukesHill

    Hollis Mead Organic Salted Butter

    Award-winning 100% Pasture Fed Organic Salted Butter from family-run organic dairy farm, Hollis Mead. “This is quite simply superb. Clean, rich, with perfectly judged salt, luscious, moreish. We could have eaten the whole thing...” – Guild of Fine Food. Care is taken at every step of the butter making process. From only feeding cows pasture grown on the farm, to churning in small batches and hand rolling and wrapping. The taste is unparalleled – notes of native grasses, hedgerows and wild flowers, contrasted by a subtle salty kick. No other salted butter won three stars at the Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Awards last year – an accolade given to less than 1% of the 14,000 entries - making it truly the best butter in Britain.

    Regular price £7.50
  • Cultured Butter Taster - DukesHill

    Cultured Butter Taster

    A set of our two cultured butters, Bungay and Ampersand. Both a world apart from mass-produced butters. These butters...

    Regular price £16.00
    Regular price £13.50
  • Bungay Cultured Raw Butter - DukesHill

    Bungay Cultured Raw Butter

    Made by hand by the same team as our Baron Bigod Cheese at Fen Farm, this is a raw, cultured...

    Regular price £7.50
  • Ampersand Cultured Butter - DukesHill

    Ampersand Cultured Butter

    A cultured butter created by Grant Harrington, he was inspired to learn more about traditional, pre-industrialised butter-making techniques from around...

    Regular price £7.50