Welcome to the DukesHill deli counter, where you can discover a sublime collection of sliced meats. All of our sliced meats are made from British Farm Assured meat using traditional cures. Each cut is slowly matured to ensure the best possible flavour, and then carefully sliced for your convenience. Whether you wish to shake up your lunchtime dining or delight guests with a unique sliced meat selection, you will find sliced meats and sliced ham of the finest quality here at DukesHill.

Included in this delightful range of sliced meats is a range of hams produced here in Shropshire. Our range of sliced ham is a mouthwatering addition to any meal, whether you opt for the subtle smokiness of our Wiltshire ham or marvel in the moreish saltiness of a York ham. Alternatively, try something new with our range of continental-inspired charcuterie. Combining richly flavoured and wine-infused Bresaola alongside smoky air-dried Lomo, you can tour the world with your tastebuds when you shop the DukesHill sliced meat range online today.
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  • Sliced Wiltshire Ham - DukesHill

    Sliced Wiltshire Ham

    I'm part of a multi-buy offer! Any 3 packs of sliced ham for £19.50 Looking for the perfect portion size for a meal for two? Look no further than our sliced Wiltshire ham packs. Not only are they convenient and easy to use, but they also offer a great way to sample our range before committing to a full-size ham. Our Wiltshire ham is our most popular variety, and for good reason. It undergoes a meticulous curing process that involves immersing it in brine for several days. This process ensures that the ham retains its moisture, resulting in a wonderfully moist texture that is never overly wet. But that's not all - we take it a step further by adding a touch of unrefined brown sugar to the recipe. This subtle addition brings a delightful sweetness to the ham, making it a truly irresistible choice. It's important to note that due to the nature of the slicing process, the shape of the slices may vary. Rest assured, however, that each slice is taken from a real ham, ensuring the utmost authenticity and quality.

    Regular price £7.00
  • Sliced York Ham - DukesHill

    Sliced York Ham

    Take advantage of our amazing multi-buy offer! When you purchase any 3 packs of our delectable sliced ham,...

    Regular price £7.00
  • Charcuterie Selection - DukesHill

    Charcuterie Selection

    Why not try all four of our continental style air dried meats, made here at DukesHill, in this money saving...

    Regular price £28.00
    Regular price £25.00
  • Sliced Shropshire Black Ham

    Sliced Shropshire Black Ham

    I'm part of a multi-buy offer! Any 3 packs of sliced ham for £19. Shropshire Black ham...

    Regular price £7.00
  • Sliced Smoked Wiltshire Ham - DukesHill

    Sliced Smoked Wiltshire Ham

    Take advantage of our amazing multi-buy offer! Purchase any 3 packs of our delicious sliced ham for just...

    Regular price £7.00
  • Sliced Pastrami - DukesHill

    Sliced Pastrami

    Introducing our delectable Sliced Pastrami, a true delight for meat lovers. Made with utmost care and precision, this pastrami is...

    Regular price £7.00
  • Wafer Thin Wiltshire Ham - DukesHill

    Wafer Thin Wiltshire Ham

    I'm part of a multi-buy offer! Any 3 packs of sliced ham for £19. Introducing our favourite...

    Regular price £7.00
  • Sliced Porchetta - DukesHill

    Sliced Porchetta

    We cook slowly and slice very fine to produce the most unforgettable, melt-in-the mouth porchetta you will ever eat. Perfect...

    Regular price £7.00
  • Sliced Superiore Bresaola

    Sliced Superiore Bresaola

    Made for Dukeshill to a traditional Italian recipe. Created since 1886 by modern day masters of the Italian art of...

    Regular price £7.00
  • Sliced Lomo - DukesHill

    Sliced Lomo

    Boneless pork loin, cured and air dried with paprika and other spices. Delicious on its own or as part of...

    Regular price £7.00
  • Charcuterie & Cheese Board Selection

    Charcuterie & Cheese Board Selection

    Create a delicious grazing board with this exquisite charcuterie and British cheese selection from DukesHill. Our 8-item selection includes everything...

    Regular price £56.15
    Regular price £45.00