A Guide To DukesHill Bacon: A Cut Above The Rest

  • Artisan bacon made the proper way

    With decades of experience producing the highest quality pork products, we take our bacon very seriously. Our goal is to produce bacon that tastes ‘like it used to.’ The process begins with meticulous sourcing, reflecting our commitment to ethical farming practices. We only select outdoor-bred pigs from British RSPCA Assured farms.

    The true artistry of making superior bacon comes with expertise, hands-on techniques, and plenty of time. For our DukesHill bacon, we employ traditional methods that stand the test of time - never compromising by using commercial shortcuts such as injecting water into the bacon. A blend of salt and unrefined brown sugar is rubbed into each flitch of bacon daily, laying the foundation of a mighty depth of flavour. The bacon is hung to dry in carefully controlled drying rooms, where the curing alchemy takes place.

    This time-intensive process allows the bacon to mature naturally over time. As the bacon cures and dries, it transforms into something exceptional. The meat deepens in colour and firms up, developing a rich flavour that our customers expect with DukesHill dry-cured bacon.

What makes DukesHill bacon unique?

One of the distinctive features of our dry-cured bacon is the absence of added water in the production process. You’ll notice that when the bacon is cooked, there’s no undesirable white goo seeping out - a common occurrence in bacon that has been injected with water. Our traditional approach prevents shrinkage and ensures a more intense flavour. This is proper bacon, after all.

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How to choose the right type of bacon

Smoked or unsmoked? Streaky, back or middle bacon? There are plenty of variations to consider when choosing bacon. Your choice will depend on the dish you’re cooking and that element you can’t quite put your finger on - nostalgia. Food is so intertwined with memories and emotions - you might prefer smoked-streaky bacon because your grandad always used it in his unbeatable bacon sandwiches.

Smoked vs unsmoked bacon

One of the main decisions you will make when choosing bacon is whether to go for smoked or unsmoked bacon. The answer to this question largely depends on what kind of flavour you like.

Smoked bacon has a distinct smoky flavour, which imparts a savoury but slightly sweet note to the bacon. It has a more robust and complex flavour with an authentic 'bacon' taste. Unsmoked bacon has a more straightforward, pure pork flavour. It allows the natural taste of the pork to come through. The bacon is milder - perfect to use when you don't want to overpower the star of the show e.g. a delicate fish or seafood such as mussels.

Streaky bacon

Cut from pork belly, streaky bacon is characterised by alternating layers of meat and fat, giving it a streaked appearance. This popular cut is chosen because the fat is evenly distributed. If you like your bacon crispy, you can render the fat down, so it melts evenly through the meat.
Streaky bacon is perfect to use in cooking, as you can slice it up and sauté quickly in a pan. The fat imparts a bold bacon flavour to your dish.

Back bacon

Back bacon is cut from the pork loin after the belly is removed. It’s a leaner cut with a more uniform, meatier texture compared with streaky bacon. It’s ideal for sandwiches, as it has a less fatty profile.

Middle bacon

Cut slightly thicker than other types of bacon and featuring a rind-on style, middle bacon contains a generous layer of fat that gives it an appealing quality.

The traditional dry-curing process is applied with the same meticulous care to the middle bacon. The daily rub of salt and unrefined brown sugar ensures that every slice is infused with a rich and savoury taste. Hung to dry naturally in the drying rooms, the bacon undergoes the same transformative journey, resulting in a product that is darker, firmer, and exceptionally delicious.

Sweet-cured bacon chops

We’ve brought the old classic bacon chop back, using the highest quality boneless and rindless pork backs, dry-cured to our traditional recipe. These thick bacon chops are perfect grilled or fried for a classic & timeless dinner favourite.

How to cook bacon

One of the main objectives when cooking bacon is to brown it, known as the maillard reaction. This chemical reaction occurs between amino acids and reducing sugars when heat is applied. Browned food releases new aromas, creating deeper and more complex flavours. It’s the aroma that makes you long for a roast chicken on Sundays and makes pitch-side sausages sizzling simply irresistible.

There are a number of different ways to cook bacon and release these complex flavours. Whether you fry, grill or air fry bacon, follow a few simple tips to take it to the next level...

Frying bacon

  • Place a pan over high heat and allow it to preheat. Add a little oil to prevent the bacon from sticking to the pan.
  • When adding bacon, lay the slices in a single layer with space between the rashers. Make sure you don’t overcrowd the pan as this can make the bacon steam and boil instead of fry.
  • Don’t move the bacon around too much; this will cool the pan down too much. Leave it alone to cook and brown before you turn it over. It usually takes 3-5 minutes per side, depending on the thickness of your bacon.
  • Cook the bacon until it reaches your desired level of crispiness.
  • Once your bacon is cooked, place it on a kitchen towel to absorb any surplus oil.

Grilling bacon

  • Line a baking tray with aluminum foil, before placing a grill rack over it. This minimises flare-ups and makes washing up much easier afterwards.
  • Lay the bacon slices directly on the grill grates in a single layer.
  • Place the tray under high heat and cook the bacon for 3-5 minutes on the first side. Use tongs to flip the bacon halfway through.
  • Continue grilling the bacon until it's cooked to your desired level of crispiness.
  • Once your bacon is cooked, place it on a kitchen towel to absorb any surplus oil.

How to cook bacon in an air fryer?

Air frying bacon is a great way to minimise mess, as all the grease is contained in the basket so it’s easy to clean. You can achieve crispy results without adding oil first, making it the healthier way to cook bacon.

  • Lay the bacon in a single layer in your air fryer basket.
  • Set the air fryer to 220 and cook for approx 5 minutes, depending on your preference.

Best Bacon

The best bacon ever - True to their word real dry cure bacon, absolutely delish! No water no shrinkage, Brilliant!


Old Fashioned Middle Bacon

Good old fashioned bacon like I had as a child


Bacon Recipes

Bacon adds a savoury flavour to a wide variety of recipes. Its salty and smoky profile makes it a versatile ingredient. Aside from serving with eggs for a breakfast of champions, it can fortify the meaty flavour of a stew, crumbled over salads and soups - even stirred through ice cream! Here are a few of our favourite bacon recipes...

Bacon & white bean stew

This Bacon & White Bean Stew is a deliciously simple, rustic and healthy stew. The recipe uses tinned haricot beans which make it incredibly quick to make, while the walnut oil is delicious drizzled over the top. If you don't want to use walnut oil, a really nice olive oil works just as well.

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Bacon, cheese & herb scones

A cheese scone takes some beating, but these beauties were inspired by our Porchetta where the combination of fennel and rosemary add a whole extra dimension. Why not add those ingredients using our bacon to a basic cheese scone? The result is heaven.

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Bacon, pumpkin & sage risotto

This warming, gutsy dish made with our bacon is a wonderful way of using them to create a deeply satisfying meal.

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