5 Artisan Christmas Leftover Recipe Ideas

We all know that one of the best parts of Christmas Day is the food, and while organising the main feast will probably be your main priority this year, you'll quickly have plenty of leftovers to contend with. Knowing what to do with them can be tricky, particularly when you've already spent much of Christmas Day in the kitchen.

Worry not, there's no need for leftovers to be boring and there's certainly no need to let them go to waste. These fantastic artisan Christmas leftover recipe ideas will help you discover creative ways to use up your leftover turkey, cooked ham and roasted vegetables and continue to enjoy fine foods on Boxing Day and beyond! Read on to discover your next luxurious festive creation...

1. Butter Masala Turkey Pot Pie

This turkey leftovers recipe is easy as pie! Our Butter Masala Turkey Pot Pie combines your leftover DukesHill turkey with fantastic Gymkhana ingredients to create a fool-proof way to delight your guests on Boxing Day or enjoy as a family throughout the festive period. It's exceptionally easy to make - just use ready-made puff-pastry, any leftover poultry, roasted vegetables, and don't forget the chutney!

butter masala turkey pot pie

 2. Ultimate Boxing Day Sandwich

A classic leftover sandwich is the perfect Boxing Day treat and this one could quite easily be the best meal of the year! Use this quick and easy Ultimate Boxing Day Sandwich recipe to stack up your favourite leftovers into the ultimate sandwich and top with our delectable Boxing Day chutney. It truly looks as good as it tastes - we're certain that you will enjoy the crunch, tang and creaminess of this almighty sandwich.

boxing day sandwich

3. Ham & Parsnip Tatin

Equally delicious hot or cold, this Ham & Parsnip Tatin is an impressive way to serve leftovers from Christmas Day! The recipe is quick and simple to make but looks and tastes exceptional. The ham goes beautifully candied and stands up to the caramelised parsnips and layers of flaky pastry. Serve with blue cheese and bitter salad leaves for a light lunch or fresh dinner. 

4. Ham, Egg, Brussels & Squeak

Whizz up a luxury Boxing Day brunch that uses up all of your Christmas Day leftovers with this fantastic ham, egg, brussels & squeak recipe. This one takes just minutes to make, using two slices of your leftover DukesHill ham and a generous dollop of our delightful Boxing Day chutney. Top with a runny egg for a wonderfully classic touch - this recipe is sure to keep the celebrations going long after the big day!

5. Leftover Turkey Curry

This really easy leftover turkey recipe is a great way of creating a delicious meal for family and friends using up the inevitable leftover turkey (or chicken or cockrel!). Rustle up on Boxing Day for a fine meal and enjoy a delectable mix of spices during the festive period. We love to serve it with pilau rice, chapatis and pickles, but the simplicity of this one makes it perfect for creating whatever kind of feast you fancy!