2 Metre Meals

For those of you on social media, you may have noticed the sudden flurry of images being posted daily of people’s banana bread or their sourdough starters, their picture-perfect homemade crusty loaves. Now, I’m not saying that I’m against any of this, not at all. I think it’s wonderful that people are baking and taking this time during Lockdown to learn a new skill, or to find the mental health benefits of baking and spending time in the kitchen.

I do believe though that we can inspire you to try something new and more exciting than banana bread. Obviously keep on baking that too, as I need something to eat with my cup of tea in the afternoon. Or you could try one of our fabulous cakes, tiffins or shortbread if your inner baker is tiring.

This is the perfect opportunity to try out some delicious dinner party dishes you’ve always wanted to attempt, but never got the chance to, either being too busy commuting home from work to spend more than an hour in the kitchen before guests arrived, or being too nervous to attempt anything too technical or new in front of guests for fear of humiliation. Well, now is the time to try new things, without the risk of embarrassment, and if it’s tasty, then brilliant because you now get to eat it all yourself! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in lockdown alone or with your family or friends. When I am on my own, I tend to make big meals anyway and freeze the extra portions for another day. There really shouldn’t be any need for food wastage and it’s the perfect opportunity to clear out those unmarked leftovers from three years ago and fill it with food that excites you. Just remember to write on the lid this time!

All our recipes use our own Dukeshill products or those which come from outstanding British producers using the best ingredients and techniques. 

If you’re missing your weekly Indian takeaway and your usual restaurants aren’t up and running at the moment, here’s an amazing recipe to fill that void whilst we eagerly await their return! This one was inspired by the amazing Indian restaurant Dishoom.

Ham Hock Biryani Pie - View Recipe

For the lucky households out there, that have ordered a ham to see you through this unchartered period and have just about overdosed on ham sandwiches, here are some interesting new ways to use ham.

Green Eggs & Ham - View Recipe


Ham Hock, Egg & Cress Salad - View Recipe


Ham & Cauliflower Gratin - View Recipe


Herby Ham & Cheese Scones - View Recipe


Welsh Rarebit Macaroni Cheese with Ham - Visit Recipe


Ham & Cannellini Bean Rissoles - Visit Recipe


Ham & Cheese Pudding - View Recipe


Baked Ham & Egg Pots - View Recipe


Ham & Asparagus Tart - View Recipe


Croque Monsieur - View Recipe


Ham Hash Cakes - View Recipe


Chicken & Ham Pie - View Recipe

I know pasta and rice is a go to in these times, it’s so easy to cook. Here are some amazing options to try if you’re stuck in a rut with Pesto Pasta and Spaghetti Bolognese.  We now have a wonderful range of pastas available on our website.

Bacon, Broad Beans, Peas & Goats Cheese Linguine - View Recipe


Penne with Herb Pesto and Crispy Bacon - View Recipe


Pork Meatballs with a Rich Tomato Sauce - View Recipe


Sausage & Lentil Pasta Bake - View Recipe


Sausage Cannelloni - View Recipe


Spinach Gnudi with Crispy Bacon - View Recipe


Bacon, Pumpkin & Sage Risotto - View Recipe


Creamy Ham & Pea Penne - View Recipe

Don’t forget we have plenty of other exciting recipes to be found on our website so peruse through and make the most of this time to feed yourself or whoever you happen to be isolating with!