All our bread is made by hand with true care and attention, using 'overnight' fermentation for a deeper flavour and a better rise.

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  • organic white sourdough loaf

    Organic Wild White Sourdough Bread

    This limited edition Organic White Sourdough is made from Maris Widgeon grain, grown by a local farmer John Prior. Made from just organic flour, water and sea salt and fermented for 14 hours, it has a full flavour crust with a moist and chewy centre and irresistible sourdough taste. Our Wild White Sourdough takes its name from the wild, natural yeasts in the sourdough starter used to rise all of our sourdough loaves. This sourdough loaf was a finalist in The Soil Association's Best of Organic Bakery category. Perfect for making a delicious artisan sandwich at home with rich salted butter, British cheese and fine sliced ham.  

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  • Artisan Taster Selection

    Artisan Taster Selection

    Sample the delights of the artisan with our wonderful artisan taster selection. This hand-picked collection of DukesHill classics includes our...

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  • Ham & Cheese Toastie Kit

    Ham & Cheese Toastie Kit

    As seen on James Martin Saturday Morning! Create the perfect ham & cheese toastie with this wonderful selection of top-quality...

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  • Sherston White Bread Loaf

    Sherston White Bread Loaf

    Left to slowly rise overnight, this traditional white bread loaf makes the best toast in the world. Its namesake comes...

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  • Organic Light Rye Sourdough Bread

    Organic Light Rye Sourdough Bread

    Our organic light rye sourdough loaf is high in fibre and is bread in its purest form. Made with just...

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