Discover the finest quality British Lamb available at the DukesHill Butchery. Our complete range of fresh lamb includes award-winning produce, perfect for transforming your next supper, family roast dinner or Easter Sunday lunch with ease.

We take pride in the fact that our British lamb is naturally reared with the highest regard to diet and welfare. Our award-winning butchers take cuts from the prime part of each lamb and trim to avoid any waste, creating a beautifully moist and succulent flavour. Whether you indulge in the simplicity of our melt-in-the-mouth lamb fillets or marvel at the magnificence of our high-welfare British lamb shoulder, there are so many ways to champion the artisan with the DukesHill fresh lamb collection.

All of our British lamb is delivered fresh to your doorstep, with next day delivery available. Bring the local butcher experience to your home today and order from our award-winning selection of lamb!
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  • Whole Bone-in Leg of Lamb

    Whole Bone-in Leg of Lamb

    If you are looking for the finest lamb this Easter, please try our Whole Bone-in Leg of Lamb. Fabulously succulent meat with a delicious flavour, this is the perfect roasting joint for any occasion, whether a traditional family Sunday lunch or a celebratory dinner. Produced from the finest British lamb, naturally reared with the highest regard to diet and welfare.

    Regular price £49.95
  • Carvery Lamb Shoulder - DukesHill

    Carvery Lamb Shoulder

    This high welfare British lamb shoulder has been expertly butchered, rolled, dressed and garnished with a sprig of rosemary. A...

    Regular price £36.00
  • Trimmed Rack of Lamb - DukesHill

    Trimmed Rack of Lamb

    Few cuts of meat hit the sweet spot between looking impressive with extreme ease of cooking as this handsome Rack...

    Regular price £22.00
  • Butterflied Leg of Lamb

    Butterflied Leg of Lamb

    This boneless joint is the very best part of the lamb leg with the shank, chump and bone removed. Delicious...

    Regular price £29.95
  • Lamb Kebabs Perfect for BBQ's (Serves 4) - DukesHill

    Lamb Kebabs

    Hand prepared, succulent British lamb skewers. Produced from the finest English lamb, naturally reared with the highest regard to diet...

    Regular price £13.50
  • Lamb Fillets x2 - DukesHill

    Lamb Fillets x2

    The most prized cut of lamb, these meltingly tender fillets can be grilled or pan fried whole, or cut into...

    Regular price £26.00
  • 2x Lamb Barnsley Chops on blue plates with potatoes and vegetables placed on a blue and white striped table cloth

    Lamb Barnsley Chops

    These tender, succulent "double" lamb chops are packed with flavour. Produced from the finest English lamb, naturally reared with...

    Regular price £13.00
  • MEATER 2 Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

    MEATER 2 Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

    Introducing the latest cutting-edge Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer from MEATER.  Designed to ensure perfect and consistent results every time,...

    Regular price £99.00