Try something different with British Venison from the high-quality range of British game available at DukesHill. Our responsibly sourced selection of wild game includes naturally lean Venison Loin Fillet and tender Venison Wellington, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your family cooking.

British Game Assurance Scheme Approved Venison

Quality is at the very forefront of our range of wild venison as we are committed to supporting British Game assurance schemes. This means that proper care is prioritised at every stage of the breeding, culling and production process to create the most indulgent and rich flavours. We also make every effort to ensure that all fragments of shot are removed from our British game. While some small fragments may remain, you can be confident that you are tucking into the highest quality meat available.

Ready to expand your culinary horizons? Don't hesitate to order from our range of British game online today!

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  • Venison Loin Fillet

    Venison Loin Fillet

    DukesHill is committed to offering you the finest selection of British Game, including our naturally lean and flavoursome Venison Loin Fillet. Perfect when coupled with roasted root vegetables and blackberry sauce, indulge in a truly luxurious example of fine Venison when you order online today.  We are committed to supporting the British Game assurance schemes, meaning that you can delight in the fact that your Venison Loin Fillet has seen proper care at every stage of the process. From breeding to cull and production, quality is prioritised throughout our range of responsibly sourced British Game.  The DukesHill Venison Loin Fillet is not only tender but also succulent, making it a true delight for your tastebuds. Whether you are used to eating Venison or beginning to broaden your palette, the delicate flavour adds a touch of elegance to any dish and makes it a versatile choice for various cooking methods. Simply fry or roast to create a delicious meal that will impress even the most discerning palettes.  Indulge in the exquisite flavours of our Venison Loin Fillet and experience the true taste of British Game. Order now from DukesHill to elevate your culinary creations!  While we make every effort to ensure that all fragments of shot are removed from our British game, do note that some small fragments may remain.  All our game meat is available for delivery up to Saturday 16th December and is suitable for freezing. 

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  • Venison Wellington

    Venison Wellington

    Delight family and guests with the DukesHill Venison Wellington. This luxury twist on a classic British dish makes...

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  • Venison Rolled Haunch Joint

    Venison Rolled Haunch Joint

    Cut from the top of the hind leg, this tender and flavoursome joint is simple to cook and easy to...

    Regular price £15.00
  • MEATER 2 Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

    MEATER 2 Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

    Introducing the latest cutting-edge Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer from MEATER.  Designed to ensure perfect and consistent results every time,...

    Regular price £99.00