Celebrate the culinary passion of the master chefs and aspiring cooks in your life with DukesHill's Gifts for Cooks collection. Discover a world of artisanal tools, gourmet ingredients, and culinary treasures that will inspire creativity in the kitchen.

From equipment designed to make cooking easier than ever to selections of the finest luxury meat, our range of gifts for cooks encompasses everything the budding chef in your life could need. Browse the full range online today and delight your loved one with a gift from DukesHill!

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  • DukesHill 100% Grass Fed Whole Beef Fillet cooked, cut and plated up wih some roast potatoes

    Whole Beef Fillet

    The tenderest, most succulent joint of prime beef fillet. This superlative beef is exclusively sourced from carefully selected British farms, and slowly matured to ensure that the flavour and texture are second to none.

    Regular price £127.00
  • Gymkhana Tandoori Marinade

    Gymkhana Tandoori Marinade

    This Tandoori Marinade is an essential for your BBQs, roasting and grilling. A...

    Regular price £7.50
  • Steak Lovers Meat Box

    Steak Lovers Meat Box

    Save 10% with this steak selection box including 2 x Fillet Steaks (170g each), 2 x ribeye Steaks (230g each)...

    Regular price £66.50
    Regular price £59.50
  • cooked and sliced wagyu ribeye steak

    Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak

    Sourced exclusively from Japan, our Japanese A5 grade Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak is finely textured and well-marbled, giving a...

    Regular price £59.00
  • Carving Set - DukesHill

    Carving Set

    The perfect gift for those who take their carving seriously. Our DukesHill carving set has been beautifully hand-crafted for you...

    Regular price £295.00
  • Carving Knife & Fork - DukesHill

    Carving Knife & Fork

    This carving knife set is the perfect gift for those who like to take proud centre-stage and carve up the...

    Regular price £225.00