How To Make A Burger Sauce

We can’t resist the sizzle of burgers on the barbecue and we’re fanatical about making them! In fact, our DukesHill beef burgers are free from fillers or breadcrumbs - we just use pure, deliciously seasoned, prime beef to guarantee you a great tasting and great feeling burger.

With the right meat on the grill, it's then the finishing touches that can elevate your burger. The right burger sauce takes your homemade creations to the next level, adding depth, creaminess, and that melt-in-the-mouth flavour. On our quest to find the ultimate burger sauce, we've looked into sauces from around the world, including - yes - that classic special sauce. It’s worth trying a few variations and creating your own signature burger sauce.

What makes a good burger sauce?

Burger sauces are naturally as versatile as any other sauce and can be used in sandwiches, wraps drizzled over salads and as a dipping sauce for fries. 

A great sauce should enhance all the elements inside the burger. A stand-out sauce should be:

Balanced - not too salty, not too acidic, with just the right tang and sweetness. It shouldn’t overpower the burger, or fade into the background. 

Creaminess - although not essential, a creamy texture adds a rich, silky mouthfeel. Creaminess often comes from mayonnaise, yoghurt, or cream.

Umami and depth - incorporating savouriness, adds more depth of flavour. Try including Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, star anise, anchovies, or Parmesan for a complex and satisfying burger sauce.

Consistency - a well-blended consistency works best for a burger. If the sauce contains chunky ingredients such as gherkins, ensure they are finely chopped.

Quality ingredients - fresh, high-quality ingredients always taste best. Look for fresh herbs, and mayonnaise with free-range eggs and ensure your spices are all well within date. 

Time - many burger sauces benefit from being left to settle for a little while before being used, so the flavours develop. Pour your homemade sauce into a squeezy bottle, label it, add the date on the bottle too and leave it in the fridge to chill so the flavours develop. 

American-Style Burger Sauce

We can only guess what goes into Ronald’s special burger sauce. Loved by many, it’s creamy, a little sweet and tangy with the unmistakable piquancy of pickles. This quick and simple burger recipe offers a delicious take on the classic using just a few easy-to-get ingredients.

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Barbecue Burger Sauce

Popular in southern-style burgers, barbecue sauce is tangy, sweet and smoky too. We particularly love how you can play around with this barbecue burger sauce recipe to create a totally unique and utterly distinct taste.

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Burger sauces from around the world

Burgers are popular all around the world, with different nations and regions offering their own twist on the BBQ classic! If you want to make your next burger extra special, consider one of these fantastic burger sauces.

Argentina - Chimichurri 

This vibrant, poky sauce compliments beef perfectly for a fresh lift. Dollop it in burgers, use it as a marinade or dip - it’s so versatile.

It’s full of fresh herbs - parsley, mint and coriander is finely chopped with grated garlic. A combination of olive oil and red wine vinegar is used to bind the herbs together. You can season with salt and pepper - perhaps add chilli flakes too.

Mexico - chipotle sauce

Smoky, spicy chipotle chillis are often available canned. 

Blend 3-4 chipotle peppers with 100g mayonnaise, grated garlic and fresh lime juice. Sweeten with a little honey and season to taste. You can add fresh coriander, cumin, paprika or more lime juice if you wish. 

Greece - tzatziki sauce

This yoghurt-based sauce is fantastic with lamb burgers. Simply grate cucumber and squeeze all of the juice out using a kitchen roll or a clean tea towel. Stir it through thick natural yoghurt, add grated garlic, dill, olive oil and lemon juice before seasoning with salt and pepper. 

Asian-inspired burger sauce

An umami-rich soy-ginger-based sauce is delicious with beef, and pork or if made without honey, it can be made into a vegan dish with a celeriac burger. 

Combine 50ml of soy sauce with 2 tbsp rice vinegar, thumb-sized grated ginger, 2 cloves of grated garlic, 2 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp sesame oil - look for roasted if you can find it. Season with salt, pepper and a little sriracha. 

Middle Eastern burger sauce

Make a lamb burger with minced lamb, fresh coriander, and a tahini burger sauce. Combine tahini with yoghurt, lemon juice and grated garlic. Season well.

For a harissa mayo, stir harissa through mayonnaise and add a little lemon juice. This will be equally delicious with your lamb burger.

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