Sink your teeth into a brilliant beef burger from the DukesHill collection of artisan burgers. Fusing culinary excellence with exceptional ingredients, we have revolutionised gourmet burgers to offer you a fantastic selection of burgers including succulent steak burgers and mouthwatering bacon burgers. Don't hesitate to transform your next BBQ or social gathering and explore the complete range online today!

We take pride in using only the finest cuts of prime British beef and British bacon for our burgers. As royal warrant holders, DukesHill understands just how important the quality of the meat is and has combined the best cuts of meat with balanced seasoning and a delicate hand-shaping process to preserve as much natural flavour as possible. No added and nasty extras are added to our burgers, just high-quality beef for a truly artisan dining experience.

Whether you pair in a bun with a sweet chilli jelly or keep it simple with crunchy iceberg lettuce and a juicy tomato, our burgers are a meat lovers dream come true. Order online today!
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