• Savoury Delights Hamper

    Delight in the best flavours of the artisan with this fine savoury hamper from DukesHill. Our savoury delights hamper combines the finest cheddar, chutney and honey-baked ham to create the ultimate gift for those who like the finer things in life. Discover the perfect savoury gift or treat and order online today to enjoy Royal Warrant Holder quality food! This savoury hamper is beautifully presented in a 14" wicker basket and combines a variety of flavours to offer a unique tasting experience for all. Whether you create your own cheese board with the contents or tuck straight into the centrepiece honey-baked baby ham, this savoury hamper is guaranteed to wow your tastebuds and the recipient if purchased as an indulgent gift. Savoury hamper includes 7 items in a 14" wicker basket:   Honey-Baked Baby Ham (400g)  Isle Of Mull Cheddar (200g)  Smoked Mackerel (180g)  Proper Piccalilli (198g)  Laura's Apple & Sultana Chutney (198g)  French Country Pâté (350g)  Parmesan & Pistachio Sablés (120g)  Wicker (Honey) Basket 14" Please refrigerate on receipt of delivery.

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  • Meat Lovers' Hamper - DukesHill

    Meat Lovers' Hamper

    Tuck into the finest meats from DukesHill with our incredible meat hamper. This collection of fresh meat includes some of...

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  • Ham & Cheese Hamper - DukesHill

    Ham & Cheese Hamper

    6 Items • 14" Wicker basket. This perfectly formed hamper features a Honey-Baked Baby Ham that has been steeped in...

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  • Wine & Cheese Hamper - DukesHill

    Wine & Cheese Hamper

    Sure to satisfy any Cheese and Wine lover, this wine and cheese hamper is the perfect way to sample some...

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  • Cheese Lover's Hamper - DukesHill

    Cheese Lover's Hamper

    9 Items • 14" Wicker basket. Isle of Mull Cheddar (200g) Baron Bigod (250g) Ragstone (200g)...

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  • The Afternoon Tea Hamper - DukesHill

    The Afternoon Tea Hamper

    Ideal for a sophisticated summer picnic, our Afternoon Tea Hamper contains the finest sweet treats to enjoy on a summer's...

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  • Fish Lovers' Hamper - DukesHill

    Fish Lovers' Hamper

    8 Items • 14" Wicker basket. A must-try for fans of the finest fish and accompaniments, this hamper features everything...

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  • Sweet Delights Hamper - DukesHill

    Sweet Delights Hamper

    Sweet treats for all the family... 1 x Milk Chocolate Covered Honeycomb 1x...

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  • Apple Cider & Cheese Hamper - DukesHill

    Apple Cider & Cheese Hamper

    Sure to satisfy any cider and cheese lover, this delicious hamper features a generous slab of Isle of Mull Cheddar,...

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  • Berry & Elderflower Cider Hamper - DukesHill

    Berry & Elderflower Cider Hamper

    Indulge in the delightful flavours of our Berry & Elderflower Cider Hamper, beautifully presented in a 14" Honey Wicker Basket....

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