The Ultimate Guide To Gifts For Cooks

Whether you’re shopping for a well-seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook who loves nothing more than spending time in the kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Here at DukesHill, our artisanal food hall is full of exceptional produce you won’t find elsewhere, from traditionally hand-cured hams and skillfully butchered British meat to luxury store-cupboard condiments, pickles and sauces. We’ve carefully curated some of our favourite gifts for cooks from this high-quality selection, bound to impress the lucky recipient.

MEATER2 Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

For a thoughtful, practical gift for the cook in your life, look no further than the Meater2 Plus Smart Meat Thermometer. This wireless smart thermometer is a game-changer in the kitchen, taking the guesswork out of cooking and ensuring that every piece of meat is cooked flawlessly - every time. The Meater2 Plus connects to your smart device via Bluetooth to monitor the cooking progress remotely. It uses advanced sensors to provide real-time temperature data. Whether grilling, roasting or smoking meets, the keen cook can achieve the perfect results with ease with this wonderful gift!

Meat Lovers Hamper

The perfect gift for the meat lover in your life, this incredible collection of fresh meat includes some of our most popular artisan products. This meat hamper is beautifully presented in an 18” wicker basket with leather straps and is a great way to experience the taste of the artisan and transform home cooking. As well as our famous Wiltshire ham, this hamper also contains our exquisite porchetta roasting joint, which makes for a fabulous centrepiece for any meat connoisseur. Do note that the hamper contents must be refrigerated upon delivery so make sure to select a delivery date that suits your gift recipient at checkout.

Carving Set

This sleek carving set is crafted by esteemed British knife maker, Savernake. Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, Savernake knives are the epitome of precision and elegance, making them one of the most perfect gifts for cooks or those who take pride in their food. Just like DukesHill meat, each piece of this carving set is handcrafted using the finest materials and traditional techniques. It’s made with high-quality British steel and English walnut wood and comes in a bespoke protective casing and the Platinum Jubilee emblem which adds an extra dimension of significance and prestige. Whether carving a succulent gammon or roasting joint, the ergonomically designed handles provide a comfortable grip, while the razor-sharp blades effortlessly glide through the meat. We do not doubt that this wonderful commemorative gift will transform the recipient’s experience in the kitchen.

Gymkhana Tandoori Lamb Chops Meal Kit

Send the finest-quality premium Indian dining experience to the food lover in your life. We partnered with Gymkhana Fine Foods, known for their flagship restaurant’s 2 Michelin stars, to offer a cook-at-home collection of high-welfare meats, paired with masterfully balanced sauces and marinades produced by the iconic restaurant for home delivery. Each DukesHill x Gymkhana Fine Foods meal kit comes elegantly packaged in a DukesHill box and contains your star ingredient perfectly paired with Gymkhana sauces and marinades, ready to finish at home. The Tandoori Lamb Chops is the perfect easy-to-prepare dinner party centrepiece, including a DukesHill prime rack of lamb and Gymkhana’s medium-spiced aromatic Classic Tandoori marinade.

St George's Ham and Ham Storage Bag

Perfect for those who appreciate great food, send a premium St George’s Ham to the budding cook in your life, paired with a ham storage bag. Our finest quality ham is a celebration of excellent British farming techniques and traditional curing methods. Each leg of outdoor-bred English pork is immersed for a week in DukesHill’s own Wiltshire brine which gives it a moist texture. Unlike other brining processes, a touch of unrefined brown sugar is added, imparting a subtly sweet flavour through the ham. The accompanying storage bag ensures optimal freshness and preservation, allowing the recipient to savour the taste for longer.

DukesHill Gift Card

A DukesHill gift card is the perfect present for the cook who appreciates the finer things in life. This versatile present allows the recipient to choose from our wide selection of artisan food and drink. No matter what preferences and dietary requirements they have - our DukesHill gift card is bound to make their day.


Impress your recipient with the ultimate gift for foodies - a chateaubriand. This premium cut of beef, famed for its tenderness and rich flavour, promises an unforgettable dining experience. It’s the meat equivalent of a bottle of Champagne and is ideal for special occasions or indulgent home dinners as it embodies luxury and indulgence. Even better if presented with a bottle of our creamy Béarnaise Sauce and a bottle of this full-bodied Malbec!

Artisan Charcuterie and Cheese Platter

We produce our own range of continental style air dried meats, perfect for a charcuterie board. This selection contains Italian-influenced sliced porchetta (175g) and Lomo (150g) - pork loin air-dried with paprika to Spanish tradition. It also includes Bresola (80g), produced from the finest beef leg cuts that have been sea-salted and allowed to rest, and Pastrami (175g), made from lean British beef and spices. Every aspect of this artisan charcuterie and cheese platter allows the lucky recipient to sample something a bit different - a great gift for the cook always willing to try new things in the kitchen!

For even more exquisite gifts for cooks, explore our complete range of Hampers & Gifts online today.