Meet the Supplier: Gymkhana Fine Foods

We’re proud to partner with Gymkhana Fine Foods to bring our high-welfare meat and premium Indian dining kits to your home.

It has been ten years since Gymkhana shook London’s fine dining scene with its bold presence. The nation’s most famous palates hailed it as the year’s best opening. Giles Coren gave it 10/10, saying it was the ‘tastiest’ food he had ever eaten. It therefore came as no surprise that the restaurant was awarded a coveted Michelin star just one year after opening.

The pioneering restaurant was the first to bring premium fine-dining Indian cuisine to Britain and with it came a loyal community of fans including London locals, celebrities, A-listers, foodies and visitors from around the world.

A world where colonial grandeur meets Indian elegance; a unique culinary destination in the heart of Mayfair.

Following a decade that has brought with it countless accolades and triumphant reviews, Gymkhana Fine Foods has launched a range of masterfully balanced marinades and sauces for guests to experience the taste of India at home. The range has been developed over several months to ensure Michelin star precision, with thoughtfully sourced ingredients from India and the UK that offers customers the exact same flavours as experienced in Gymkhana’s restaurant.

We’ve joined forces to offer a collection of Indian fine dining meal kits, pairing our highest-welfare meat with Gymkhana Fine Foods marinades and sauces. The range comes elegantly packaged in a DukesHill box, with each recipe available online to prepare at home for your convenience.

The finish at home Meal Kits include:


Tandoori Lamb Chops

DukesHill trimmed rack of lamb (500g) and Gymkhana Fine Foods Classic Tandoori marinade (200ml) - Serves 2

You can now recreate Gymkhana’s famous Tandoori Lamb Chops with just a twist of a lid. Complete with DukesHill’s award-winning rack of lamb, this is the perfect easy-to-prepare dinner party centrepiece. The prime rack of lamb is produced from naturally reared English lamb. This kit comes with Gymkhana’s medium-spiced aromatic Classic Tandoori marinade.


Butter Masala Chicken

DukesHill free-range chicken thighs (500g), Gymkhana Fine Foods Classic Tandoori marinade (200ml) and Butter Masala cooking sauce (300ml) - Serves 2

This quintessential mildly spiced North Indian curry is a sauce made with slowly cooked tomatoes, fenugreek and Kashmiri chillies. In order to recreate Gymkhana's famous Butter Masala, just like they do at the restaurant, you must marinade your star ingredient in their Classic Tandoori Marinade first, then grill before adding to the sauce. The star ingredient, DukesHill succulent free-range chicken thighs come with the skin on for a crispy texture and to seal the juicy meat beneath.


Whole Tandoori Chicken

DukesHill whole free-range chicken (2kg) and two Gymkhana Fine Foods Classic Tandoori marinade (200ml) - Serves 3

Recreate Gymkhana's famous Tandoori Chicken in the comfort of your kitchen using their Classic Tandoori Marinade, made with the highest quality Kashmiri chillies, garam masala and mustard oil. This marinade is perfectly paired with DukesHill’s free-range whole chicken which roam in clover-covered pastures, resulting in a full-flavoured, supremely succulent bird.


Tandoori Ribeye Steak Skewers

DukesHill ribeye steaks (2 x 230g), Classic Tandoori marinade (200ml), Rogan Josh Sauce (300ml) - Serves 4

Rogan Josh is typically served with lamb at Gymkhana, but steak works just as well. Served straight from the grill, then dipped into the pre-prepared sauce, the BBQ adds a whole new layer of intrigue to the classic experience of this curry.

The Rogan Josh sauce has a base of slow cooked caramelised onions, with roasted fennel and ground ginger and is made using the finest chillies from Kashmir for a medium spice. DukesHill’s slowly matured grass-fed British ribeye steak has the right balance of marbled fat running through to bring out exceptional flavour.


Pork Belly Confit Vindaloo
DukesHill Pork Belly Confit (500g), Vindaloo Cooking Sauce (300ml) - Serves 2

A juicy, saucy dish using pork belly confit instead of pork cheeks (Gymkhana's famous restaurant rendition). Serve the belly with Basmati Rice or Naan to mop up every bit of the spiced, tangy Vindaloo sauce. Vindaloo or vindalho is originally from Goa, and is based on the Portuguese dish carne de vinha d'alhos. Paired perfectly with DukesHill’s finest pork belly confit which has been slow cooked for 14 hours to guarantee maximum flavour and tenderness.

As with all Gymkhana Fine Foods, the range of sauces and marinades are free of any artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives, as well as palm-oil free. They come in glass bottles that can be readily recycled.


Gulrez Arora, CEO & Co-Founder of Gymkhana Fine Foods says, “Our new range of products are inspired from recipes we’ve used for years, so customers can now finally recreate our dishes at home. Naturally, we use only the finest ingredients and ensure every product offers the same depth of flavour that guests expect at Gymkhana.”

Quality meets excellence

Like all of our carefully curated range, we are dedicated to sourcing only the best examples of each product line. We ensure each product on our online food hall offers exceptional flavour, seeking small-scale producers who share our ethical values.

Gymkhana redefined Indian dining in the UK and earned its distinguished reputation among food lovers. We were attracted to working with Gymkhana Fine Foods as their range uniquely blends tradition, innovation, luxury and excellence.

DukesHill is known for its unwavering dedication to producing the finest quality, British, high-welfare meat. Our traditionally cured hams, sausages and bacon comes from outdoor-bred British pork. Our poultry has been given the freedom to roam and forage on grasses and clover. Lamb and beef is meticulously sourced from farmers with the highest regard to animal welfare.

Discussing the new range, CEO of DukesHill, Mark Gallagher says, “Our mission has always been to help people experience the highest quality food from the comfort of their home. It is a privilege to work alongside Gymkhana - such a celebrated brand, who like us, are focussed on delivering nothing but the best at-home dining experiences. We are thrilled to bring the authentic and aromatic flavours of Gymkhana that instantly transport you to India. Our DukesHill x Gymkhana Fine Foods collaboration is the epitome of flavour, quality and convenience.”


Why order a DukesHill x Gymkhana Fine Foods cook-at-home meal kit?

  • Restaurant-standard experience from the comfort of your home - no crowds, travel, reservations or time-limit on your table.

  • Convenience - Chefs have done the hard work for you, giving you a break from meal planning.

  • Save time - A traditional marinade and Indian sauce takes hours to prepare. Ingredients such as tomatoes and onions are often slowly cooked down for hours to form a flavoursome base. The DukesHill x Gymkhana Fine Foods range allows you to spend more time at the table with your guests and less hours in the kitchen.

  • Cost effective - The range is far more affordable than dining in the high-end restaurant.

  • Have it your way - you can tailor your meal to your preferences and dietary requirements.

  • Learning experience - You can learn from the techniques and skills thanks to the recipe cards and videos

  • Special occasions - Perfect for celebrating a special occasion with a romantic dinner at home


Elevating the home dining experience

Whether it's a family get together, garden BBQ, a quick midweek meal or throwing a fancy dinner party - Dukeshill x Gymkhana Fine Foods has done the hard work for you and married the best quality meat with the intricate flavours of Indian cuisine, creating a dining experience like no other.

The perfect gift experience for the person who has it all

DukesHill x Gymkhana Fine Foods cook at home range is an excellent thoughtful and considerate gift experience for those who don’t require physical things. Your recipient will love exploring new flavours and expanding their culinary horizons from the comfort of their home. It’s the perfect gift to say ‘thinking of you’, for birthdays, Christmas, or simply as an expression of love and care.

The full range of DukesHill x Gymkhana Fine Foods range is available to order online today.