Proudly Supporting the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Proudly Supporting the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust. 

The Duke of Edinburgh Memorial Challenge Day – 18 May 2023. 

It was an honour to be part of such an extraordinary event hosted by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust to support the Duke of Edinburgh Memorial Challenge Day.  

The event was in honour of HRH The late Duke of Edinburgh, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to conservation and raised an incredible £330,000 for the GWCT.  

The GWCT is the UK’s leading independent wildlife research charity. For more than 80 years it has worked closely with land managers resulting in ground-breaking science, including some of the longest-running farmland wildlife monitoring projects in the world.  



A Remarkable Contribution to Conservation 

First as President and then Patron, Prince Philip’s involvement with the GWCT spanned more than half a century, reflecting a lifelong passion for conservation. Ahead of his time, His Royal Highness saw the risk to wildlife of both the evolution of agriculture and urban encroachment on the countryside.  

Lord Salisbury said: "The late Duke of Edinburgh was the GWCT’s long-serving Patron and our most knowledgeable and incisive advocate.  

"Sandringham is where he put so many of his conservation principles into practice and we were extraordinarily lucky to be allowed to hold this event there, so appropriately, in his memory.”  

Sir Jim Paice, former agriculture minister and chairman of the GWCT said: “We are honoured to have held this event at Sandringham, and hugely grateful for the funds raised, which will make a really significant contribution to the Trust’s scientific research and advisory service.  

"His Royal Highness The late Duke of Edinburgh knew that for wildlife conservation to work it has to fit into modern farming systems. He was a great example of a Working Conservationist because he really understood both UK agriculture and species conservation and he wanted everyone to be able to access wildlife not just those lucky enough to live near nature reserves. In this way he was a wonderful advocate of the GWCT approach.  

As well as being responsible for several Government Biodiversity Action Plan species and shaping many of the current agri-environment schemes, GWCT developed ‘Farmer Clusters’, farmer-led groups of neighbouring farmers undertaking landscape scale conservation projects. There are now more than 200 across the UK and Prince Philip was one of the pioneers of large-scale conservation, establishing a habitat improvement initiative over 20,000 acres at Sandringham in 2001. The GWCT provided advice and monitoring services to the project, which continues to this day.  

Chief Executive Teresa Dent said: "The late Duke of Edinburgh worked with GWCT scientists and advisors for many years at Sandringham, so it was such a fitting tribute to hold this event and we are incredibly grateful to all those who made it possible.  

"In terms of research, the Trust is probably doing more on the estate than ever including bird counts, invertebrate monitoring and comparing food availability in organic and non-organic farming systems, building knowledge that will be invaluable in efforts to restore the rest of the UK’s farmed environment." 


A Truly Memorable Event Day 


With the blessing and support of the Royal Household, special permission was granted by the Royal Estate for the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust to host a one-off Charitable Shooting Challenge for the first time ever within the private grounds of Sandringham. 

Over 200 guests were in attendance and DukesHill were delighted to serve them on arrival with delicious dry-cured bacon rolls.  


For elevenses, everyone was treated to a wonderful array of handmade pastries and pork pies, served with our delectable chutneys. As a welcome and appetiser to the main lunch, guests were invited to experience a taster of the finest traditionally cured hams from DukesHill.  

The Finest Hams from DukesHill 


We believe that quality starts at the farm and that healthy pigs reared to the highest welfare standards provide the very best pork. All our pork comes from Outdoor Bred British pigs where their comfort and safety are paramount. 

• York Ham • 

Our quintessential English ham is produced using traditional dry-curing methods that have remained largely unchanged for centuries. We dress each leg with a pinch of saltpetre and then cover it with a generous layer of salt. This process is repeated over several weeks before the hams are hung in special drying rooms and left to mature for several months. This time-consuming process results in a beautiful ham with an unparalleled depth of flavour, and is the original source of our coveted Royal Warrant 

• Shropshire Black Ham • 

Originating in the kitchens of Bradenham Manor, Buckinghamshire in 1781, this is a dry-cured ham with a robust full flavour and firm texture that develops during several months of maturation.  

The hams spend a fortnight wallowing in a special marinade of molasses, juniper berries and spices, which produces its distinctive black rind. 

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