• Thanksgiving Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown 5kg

    Thanksgiving Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown 5kg

    Last order date for Thanksgiving Turkeys is midday, Sunday 19th November 2023. Thanksgiving Turkeys are delivered fresh from the farm on Wednesday 22nd November 2023. Our outstanding free range bronze Thanksgiving turkeys are sourced from third-generation turkey farmers who have been rearing turkeys for forty years. The turkeys roam freely in grassy paddocks and meadows of the family farm. They are fed a natural cereal-based diet consisting of wheat, soya bean, barley, rape seed extract, minerals, and natural herbs; free from antibiotics and growth promoters. We are proud to work closely with our turkey suppliers who care about the welfare of their turkeys ensure their natural North American habitat is replicated as much as possible. To that end, all their birds, roam freely in the grassy paddocks and meadows of the farm from eight weeks of age, to allow a happy and natural lifestyle. They have a large area of woodland, which the birds love to wonder around in – and it provides a huge amount of stimulus. Turkeys love to explore their surroundings, playing in dust baths and roosting on straw bales, low branches and fences. At night they take themselves off to bed on the deep straw beds in the barns and field shelters, where they go for warmth and protection, away from the elements and with a constant supply of fresh food and water. We carefully select suppliers who believe in traditional farming techniques of slow growing turkeys to gain maximum flavour. The turkeys are plucked by hand to avoid the negative effects on the quality of the bird associated with wet plucking. During wet plucking the entire bird is dipped in hot water, which contains high bacteria levels. Turkeys are game birds and as such they need to be hung to achieve maximum taste and flavour. All of our birds are hung for a minimum of 7 days. 5kg Thanksgiving turkey crown comes complete with a pop-up timer, cooking instructions and giblets.

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