Welcome to the Dinner collection by DukesHill, where exceptional artisan dining experiences come to life. From handmade pies for an evening supper to succulent grass-fed steaks, roasting joints and artisan-prepared meals ready to re-heat in minutes, our Dinner collection has been meticulously curated with the finest ingredients to create an extraordinary meal.

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  • Lincolnshire Sausages - DukesHill

    Lincolnshire Sausages

    Don't miss out on our incredible multi-buy offer! Take advantage of this special deal and treat yourself to any 3 packs of sausages for just £13.50!  There will never be a morsel left! Made with just the right mix of lean to fat pork meat and nothing too coarse or too fine, they cook beautifully. Pork and Sage have been Cosy bedfellows since Roman times. A marriage made in heaven.

    Regular price £4.95
  • Chicken & Ham Pies - DukesHill

    Chicken & Ham Pies

    Produced especially for DukesHill, our Chicken & Ham Pie is made using our own slow cooked ham hock meat, with pot roast...

    Regular price £24.00
  • Braised Steak & Ale Pies - DukesHill

    Braised Steak & Ale Pies

    Our pies are made especially for us using the best ingredients, carefully prepared in small batches, and filled into delicious all-butter...

    Regular price £24.00
  • Pork Belly Confit

    Pork Belly Confit

    The most tender and flavoursome pork you will ever eat and that's a promise. We rub the finest selected British...

    Regular price £11.00
  • Prime Steak Burgers for BBQ x 4 - DukesHill

    Prime Steak Burgers

    Introducing our mouthwatering Prime Steak Burgers for BBQ x 4. These burgers are the epitome of meaty goodness, delivering a...

    Regular price £7.00
  • Lancashire Cheese & Onion Pies - DukesHill

    Lancashire Cheese & Onion Pies

    Our pies are the best pies in Britain (well, our pie chef has won five categories at the British Pie...

    Regular price £24.00
  • Lamb Fillets x2 - DukesHill

    Lamb Fillets x2

    The most prized cut of lamb, these meltingly tender fillets can be grilled or pan fried whole, or cut into...

    Regular price £26.00
  • West Country Fillet Steaks - DukesHill

    Grass-Fed Beef Fillet Steaks

    The most tender, succulent West Country beef steaks, expertly trimmed by our expert butchers. This superlative 100% grass-fed beef is...

    Regular price £23.00
  • Trimmed Rack of Lamb - DukesHill

    Trimmed Rack of Lamb

    Few cuts of meat hit the sweet spot between looking impressive with extreme ease of cooking as this handsome Rack...

    Regular price £22.00
  • Free Range Chicken - DukesHill

    Free Range Whole Chicken

    We ensure that the welfare of our chickens always comes first. Our free-range chickens roam freely on established pasture with perches and...

    Regular price £21.00
  • Gammon Steaks - DukesHill

    Gammon Steaks

    We use the finest British pork, cured the traditional way, and cut a little bigger, but also a shade thinner....

    Regular price £11.00
  • Crispy Aromatic Half Duck - DukesHill

    Crispy Aromatic Half Duck

    Add a touch of authenticity to your home cooking with exceptional Crispy Aromatic Duck from DukesHill.  The crispy aromatic duck...

    Regular price £17.50
  • Free Range Pork Chops x2 - DukesHill

    Outdoor Bred Pork Chops x2

    These delicious bone-in loin pork chops, are easy to cook and make a quick and easy meal for two. We...

    Regular price £10.95
  • Free Range Large Chicken Thighs - DukesHill

    Free Range Large Chicken Thighs

    Introducing our free range chicken thighs, reared outside on the lush English pastures of grasses and clover. Our chickens...

    Regular price £7.95
  • Poulet Basquaise - DukesHill

    Poulet Basquaise

    This classic chicken stew hails from the Basque region, an area nestled between France and Spain in the heart of...

    Regular price £12.95