Fresh from the well-regarded dairy in West Dorset, DukesHill is delighted to offer a wide range of delicious products from Hollis Mead. Our complete collection of Hollis Mead Dairy includes Great Taste Awards Benville Brie and 100% pasture-fed Organic Salted Butter, as well as family favourites such as Hollis Mead Cottage Cheese and Greek Yoghurt. Explore our collection of Hollis Mead Dairy products online today and see for yourself why this English produce is a firm favourite for families up and down the country.

The Hollis Mead Dairy leads the way when it comes to ethical and organic produce. The small but passionate team have years of expertise and everything you might sample from the DukesHill range is produced and checked by these very people. With predominantly grass-fed cows, these delightful cheeses, butter and yoghurts are free from nasty chemicals and instead simply complete with creamy texture and delightful flavours.

With all of the products you could wish to try to fall in love with Hollis Mead, go organic today and browse the full range of produce available here at DukesHill.

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  • Hollis Mead Benville Brie - DukesHill

    Hollis Mead Benville Brie Cheese

    The award-winning Benville Brie is utterly sumptuous and creamy. A 100% pasture fed organic British triple cream cheese. Winning three gold stars in the Great Taste Awards 2022. Hand-picked from a family-run West-Dorset organic dairy farm where their cows simply eat pasture grown on the farm. They yield much closer to their natural lactation meaning more concentrated, higher quality milk. “Utter perfection. The rind is soft, with gentle notes of sweet meadow farmyard. Sumptuous cream which covers your tongue with a velvet smooth, silky layer of loveliness” – Guild of Fine Food.

    Regular price £12.95
  • Hollis Mead Organic Salted Butter - DukesHill

    Hollis Mead Organic Salted Butter

    Award-winning 100% Pasture Fed Organic Salted Butter from family-run organic dairy farm, Hollis Mead. “This is quite simply superb. Clean,...

    Regular price £7.50
    Regular price £5.25
  • Hollis Mead Truffle Brie - DukesHill

    Hollis Mead Truffle Brie Cheese

    This deliciously creamy Truffle Brie from award-winning Hollis Mead Dairy combines a sumptuous layer of chopped black truffles with the...

    Regular price £23.00
  • Hollis Mead Organic Greek Style Yoghurt - DukesHill

    Hollis Mead Organic Greek Style Yoghurt

    Introducing the Hollis Mead Organic Greek Style Yoghurt, a truly delightful treat for your taste buds. Made with love and...

    Regular price £6.95