There is nothing quite like picnicking in summer and at DukesHill, we want to make sure that you have everything you need for the perfect picnic setting. Our hand-carved ham combines complex flavours with an intense savoury aroma - perfect for treating your friends and family.
We offer a fabulous variety of tasty cheeses and British butter, as well as a delectable range of deli meats such as our sliced porchetta, and our Cumberland Scotch Eggs are the perfect delicious finger food. And no picnic would be complete without a range of sweet treats so spoil yourself with our truly moreish Chocolate Tiffin, Almond Lemon Drizzle Cake or our award-winning Handmade Scottish Shortbread.

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  • Family Pork Pie

    Produced especially for us by one of the ten genuine Melton Mowbray pie producers these fabulous pies are a combination of rich crunchy pastry and tasty jelly. Made with British pork and no preservatives, the meat is liberally seasoned to produce a filling that leaves a distinct spiciness on the palette.

    Regular price £11.00
  • Honey-Baked Baby Ham - DukesHill

    Honey-Baked Baby Ham

    We've taken all our know-how when it comes to traditionally curing ham, and distilled it into a delightfully compact package...

    Regular price £16.00
  • Parmesan & Pistachio Sablés - DukesHill

    Gran Moravia Cheese & Pistachio Sablés

    Buy any 3 packs of Sablés for £11 Tasty Gran Moravia Cheese nibbles with a subtle crunch of Pistachio. Created...

    Regular price £4.50
  • Fig Chutney - DukesHill

    Fig Chutney

    I'm part of a multi-buy offer! Any 3 Standard Jars for £11.50 Sweet, figgy and intense. Our Fig Chutney is...

    Regular price £4.50
  • Baron Bigod British Brie Cheese Wheel with a wedge cut out and placed on top

    Baron Bigod Cheese - Small Wheel

    Jonny Crickmore imported his herd of red and white Montbeliarde cows from small French alpine farms, and they now graze...

    Regular price £12.50
  • Pickled Shallots - DukesHill

    Pickled Shallots

    Crispy and crunchy with piquant spices. These make the perfect partner to our ham, a Ploughman's, cold cuts or...

    Regular price £6.95
  • Luxury Smoked Salmon Pate - DukesHill

    Luxury Smoked Salmon Pate

    Our luxury smoked salmon pâté is made with our traditionally oak smoked salmon, lemon juice, herbs, orange zest and a...

    Regular price £6.95
  • French Country Pâté - DukesHill

    French Country Pâté

    This traditional pork pâté is made especially for us in the foothills of the Pyrenees. It has a typically coarse...

    Regular price £4.75
  • Stilton & Almond Sablés - DukesHill

    Stilton & Almond Sablés

    Buy any 3 packs of Sablés for £11 These Stilton and Almond Sablés are created using...

    Regular price £4.50
  • Lord London - DukesHill

    Lord London Cheese

    Made by Arthur Alsop & Nick Walker in the heart of the East Sussex Countryside, this uniquely-shaped cow's milk cheese...

    Regular price £24.00
  • Colston Bassett Quarter Baby Stilton - DukesHill

    Colston Bassett Quarter Baby Stilton Cheese

    Introducing the exquisite Colston Bassett Quarter Baby Stilton Cheese, a true delight for cheese connoisseurs. Made with utmost care and...

    Regular price £16.50
  • Smoked Trout Pate - DukesHill

    Smoked Trout Pate

    This cold smoked Trout pate is made using prime fillets only, from farmed trout that are slow grown for two...

    Regular price £6.95
  • Chicken Liver Pâté with Port

    Chicken Liver Pâté with Port

    Full flavoured, smooth and well seasoned with thyme, garlic and a serious glug of tawny port. We've tried a...

    Regular price £13.00
  • Mackerel Pate - DukesHill

    Mackerel Pate

    Our handmade mackerel pate contains no "added nasties". Only simple and pure ingredients are used for a fresh, clean...

    Regular price £6.95
  • Parmesan & Chilli Sablés - DukesHill

    Gran Moravia Cheese & Chilli Sablés

    Buy any 3 packs of Sablés for £11 Indulgent Gran Moravia nibbles with a chilli kick! Perfect for a snack...

    Regular price £4.50