Looking for something a little different to enhance your sandwiches or delight as an appetiser? The DukesHill collection of continental meats offers a wide variety of expertly cured sliced meats certain to please any meat lover.

Fresh from our deli counter you can discover delicate meats packed with flavour and expertly crafted with the finest ingredients to ensure the best taste. Each cold cut is thinly sliced and perfect for a wide range of culinary ventures, whether you want to please the crowds with our popular and wonderfully succulent sliced pastrami or wish to try something new and indulge in the authentic continental taste of subtly smoked Kassler.

With such a wide range of continental meats here at DukesHill, we understand that it might be hard to decide which meat to try first. That's why we have carefully curated all of our favourite continental meats in one charcuterie selection. This tasty and balanced selection offers family favourites and deliciously smoked flavours in equal measure, with wonderful pastrami, lomo, bresaola and porchetta. Discover your new artisan obsession today and order the very best charcuterie meats from DukesHill.

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  • Charcuterie Selection - DukesHill

    Charcuterie Selection

    Why not try all four of our continental style air dried meats, made here at DukesHill, in this money saving selection? A perfectly balanced charcuterie board. This wonderful selection includes: Porchetta (175g) Lomo (80g) Bresaola (80g) Pastrami (175g)

    Regular price £28.00
    Regular price £25.00
  • Sliced Pastrami - DukesHill

    Sliced Pastrami

    Introducing our delectable Sliced Pastrami, a true delight for meat lovers. Made with utmost care and precision, this pastrami is...

    Regular price £7.00
  • Smoked Kassler - DukesHill

    Smoked Kassler

    Introducing our mouthwatering Smoked Kassler, a delectable deli meat that will transport your taste buds to Germany. Made with love...

    Regular price £18.00
  • Sliced Lomo - DukesHill

    Sliced Lomo

    Boneless pork loin, cured and air dried with paprika and other spices. Delicious on its own or as part of...

    Regular price £7.00