Elevate your home dining with DukesHill's new collection of roast dinner meat. We've carefully crafted a menu that blends classic roasting meat with delicious accompaniments, ensuring an unforgettable experience for your next family get-together or Sunday lunch.

When exploring our selection of roast dinner meats, you can choose from a range of premium cuts sure to delight the taste buds of everybody around the dinner table. All of our roast beef, roast lamb and roast chicken are responsibly sourced from local and British farms, guaranteeing you high quality and sustainability. 

The DukesHill roast range also includes the perfect meat accompaniments, including a luxury selection of our best roast dinner wine pairings. Once the main course is finished and the plates are empty, you can also tuck into one of our irresistible and indulgent desserts. We've carefully chosen some of our classic desserts that pair perfectly with a roast dinner, such as our classic sticky toffee pudding.

With simple and quick home delivery, it's never been easier to experience restaurant-quality roast dinner meat from the comfort of your own home. Rediscover the joy of dining and explore the full DukesHill roasting meat collection online today!

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  • Cranberry Sauce with Port - DukesHill

    Cranberry Sauce with Port

    I'm part of a fantastic multi-buy offer! When you purchase any 3 Standard Jars, you can get them all for just £11.50.  When it comes to serving your roast turkey, having Cranberry Sauce with Port is an absolute must. It adds a burst of flavour and enhances the overall taste of the dish. But why stop there? This delicious condiment can also be paired with roast game or even a mouthwatering baked ham. The possibilities are endless! Our Cranberry Sauce with Port is traditionally prepared with a twist of fresh citrus fruit and a generous splash of Port. This unique combination of ingredients creates a harmonious blend of flavours that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

    Regular price £4.50
  • Turkey Paupiettes - DukesHill

    Turkey Paupiettes

    Two Free Range Turkey Paupiettes, simply bake or roast with green or roasted veg for a tasty supper! Hand...

    Regular price £14.00
  • Braised Red Cabbage - DukesHill

    Braised Red Cabbage

    Our braised red cabbage is slow cooked in cider with apples, butter and spices. Piquant, warmly spiced with a...

    Regular price £9.25
  • Pork Belly Confit

    Pork Belly Confit

    The most tender and flavoursome pork you will ever eat and that's a promise. We rub the finest selected British...

    Regular price £11.00
  • Cumberland Sauce with Port - DukesHill

    Cumberland Sauce with Port

    I'm part of a multi-buy offer! Any 3 Standard Jars for £11.50 Cumberland sauce is best served cold as a...

    Regular price £4.50
  • Plum & Fig Loin Roast - DukesHill

    Plum & Fig Loin Roast

    A hassle-free "cook in the bag" meal. This delectable joint is covered with plums, figs, cane sugar, Balsamic vinegar...

    Regular price £24.00
  • Onion Marmalade - DukesHill

    Onion Marmalade

    I'm part of a multi-buy offer! Any 3 Standard Jars for £11.50 A versatile condiment perfect for glazing...

    Regular price £4.50
  • Lamb Fillets x2 - DukesHill

    Lamb Fillets x2

    The most prized cut of lamb, these meltingly tender fillets can be grilled or pan fried whole, or cut into...

    Regular price £26.00
  • Venison Loin Fillet

    Venison Loin Fillet

    DukesHill is committed to offering you the finest selection of British Game, including our...

    Regular price £28.00
  • Béarnaise Sauce

    Béarnaise Sauce

    One of the five classic French sauces our Béarnaise Sauce is thick and creamy with a rich buttery flavour. Made...

    Regular price £5.50
  • Golden Syrup Sponge Pudding - DukesHill

    Golden Syrup Sponge Pudding

    Part of a multi-buy offer! Any 2 puddings for £13.50 Only includes puddings priced at £7.50...

    Regular price £7.95
  • Trimmed Rack of Lamb - DukesHill

    Trimmed Rack of Lamb

    Few cuts of meat hit the sweet spot between looking impressive with extreme ease of cooking as this handsome Rack...

    Regular price £22.00
  • Free Range Chicken - DukesHill

    Free Range Whole Chicken

    We ensure that the welfare of our chickens always comes first. Our free-range chickens roam freely on established pasture with perches and...

    Regular price £21.00
  • Sticky Lemon Pudding - DukesHill

    Sticky Lemon Pudding

    Part of a multi-buy offer! Any 2 puddings for £13.50 Only includes puddings priced at £7.50...

    Regular price £7.95
  • Venison Wellington

    Venison Wellington

    Delight family and guests with the DukesHill Venison Wellington. This luxury twist on a classic British dish makes...

    Regular price £38.00