A Turkey Update

Our award winning Dukeshill Free Range Bronze turkeys reared by Rosie Wadlow, are something we’re incredibly proud of.

The turkeys are able to roam around green pastures, being able to get the richest source of nutrients from the land. Rosie’s turkeys have the most incredible flavour all due to the high welfare.

With the need to stay indoors and the fact you don’t want to be going out to the shops in the coming months we have the most delicious selection of turkeys ready for your Christmas feasts.

One thing we believe strongly is the fact that any animal shouldn’t go to waste. With the introduction of the six-person rule, your Christmas spreads might become smaller. This shouldn’t mean however that you should skimp on turkey. There are so many exceptional recipes you can use turkeys in.

One of our family favourite things to do is make turkey sandwiches using some of the leftover trimmings. Here are a couple of other recipe options available to you.

Trust us these are so delicious, and they go a long way.


Turkey Curry