Round the Table

Autumn is here, and with the cold weather comes a yearning for warming comfort food.

Going out to eat and drink has been restricted under the current government regulations, but perhaps we can look at this as an opportunity to make the most of home cooking and entertaining, to create delicious, comforting meals to share with family and loved ones.

In that spirit, I have compiled a small selection of feasts (starter, main and dessert), each celebrating a different cuisine and culture, for you to try at home either in the form of a dinner party, or just to add something special to a family dinner. Now is the time to try new flavours and recipes, and to make the most of being at home!

Indian Feast

My favourite cuisine I think has to be Indian… there are so many different flavours you can create with the vast array of herbs and spices available and it’s that variety of flavour which has always excited me. Our Devils on Horseback are made with mango chutney and have a wonderfully rich, fragrant taste.

Italian Feast

I’m really excited to share the Italian dishes I have chosen, inspired by trips to Italy and from our delicious Italian products.

British Feast

Familiar, nostalgic, and simply British – you can’t go wrong with these classics.



French Feast

There is a reason why French cuisine represented the pinnacle of global gastronomy for so long. Simple ingredients cooked well (in plenty of butter!) give an everyday decadence to a meal.