• Whole Bone-in Leg of Lamb

    Whole Bone-in Leg of Lamb

    If you are looking for the finest lamb this Easter, please try our Whole Bone-in Leg of Lamb. Fabulously succulent meat with a delicious flavour, this is the perfect roasting joint for any occasion, whether a traditional family Sunday lunch or a celebratory dinner. Produced from the finest British lamb, naturally reared with the highest regard to diet and welfare.

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  • Carvery Lamb Shoulder - DukesHill

    Carvery Lamb Shoulder

    This high welfare British lamb shoulder has been expertly butchered, rolled, dressed and garnished with a sprig of rosemary. A...

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  • Plum & Fig Loin Roast - DukesHill

    Plum & Fig Loin Roast

    A hassle-free "cook in the bag" meal. This delectable joint is covered with plums, figs, cane sugar, Balsamic vinegar...

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  • Venison Loin Fillet

    Venison Loin Fillet

    DukesHill is committed to offering you the finest selection of British Game, including our...

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  • Small British Porchetta Roasting Joint - 1.2kg

    Small British Porchetta Roasting Joint - 1.2kg

    Inspired by the Umbrian speciality, our British Porchetta Roasting joint is pork at its most divine. It should be roasted...

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  • Venison Wellington

    Venison Wellington

    Delight family and guests with the DukesHill Venison Wellington. This luxury twist on a classic British dish makes...

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  • Lamb Fillets x2 - DukesHill

    Lamb Fillets x2

    The most prized cut of lamb, these meltingly tender fillets can be grilled or pan fried whole, or cut into...

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  • Spiced Orange Loin Roast - DukesHill

    Spiced Orange Loin Roast

    For the perfect hassle-free meal try our succulent "cook in the bag" Our sweet cured loin is coated with...

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  • Free Range Chicken - DukesHill

    Free Range Whole Chicken

    We ensure that the welfare of our chickens always comes first. Our free-range chickens roam freely on established pasture with perches and...

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  • Sirloin Roasting Joint - 2kg

    Sirloin Roasting Joint - 2kg

    A superlative and tender roasting joint. Exclusively sourced from grass fed herds on carefully selected British farms, and slowly matured...

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  • Muscovado Sugar Gammon Joint

    Muscovado Sugar Gammon Joint

    Our cook-in-the-bag Gammon Joints are hassle-free and easy to cook. Simply pop them into the oven to...

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  • Venison Rolled Haunch Joint

    Venison Rolled Haunch Joint

    Cut from the top of the hind leg, this tender and flavoursome joint is simple to cook and easy to...

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  • Medium British Porchetta Roasting Joint - 2.3kg

    Medium British Porchetta Roasting Joint - 2.3kg

    Inspired by the Umbrian speciality, our British Porchetta Roasting joint is pork at its most divine. It should be...

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  • Trimmed Rack of Lamb - DukesHill

    Trimmed Rack of Lamb

    Few cuts of meat hit the sweet spot between looking impressive with extreme ease of cooking as this handsome Rack...

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  • Chateaubriand - 1kg

    Chateaubriand - 1kg

    The tenderest, most succulent roasting joint of prime beef fillet. Perfect for Beef Wellington. This superlative beef is exclusively...

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