Welcome to DukesHill's Artisan Pies, where culinary mastery meets unparalleled flavour. We take pride in our handcrafted pies, meticulously created with farm-fresh ingredients sourced for their quality and sustainability.

Our diverse range of flavours, from classic steak and ale to innovative cider & celery topped pie, ensures something to satisfy every palate. Perfect for any occasion, our FRESH pies redefine the art of comfort food. 

Experience the extraordinary today and make DukesHill's your trusted choice for artisanal pie perfection.

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  • Family Pork Pie - DukesHill

    Family Pork Pie

    Produced especially for us by one of the ten genuine Melton Mowbray pie producers these fabulous pies are a combination of rich crunchy pastry and tasty jelly. Made with British pork and no preservatives, the meat is liberally seasoned to produce a filling that leaves a distinct spiciness on the palette.

    Regular price £11.00
  • Chicken & Ham Pies - DukesHill

    Chicken & Ham Pies

    Produced especially for DukesHill, our Chicken & Ham Pie is made using our own slow cooked ham hock meat, with pot roast...

    Regular price £24.00
  • Braised Steak & Ale Pies - DukesHill

    Braised Steak & Ale Pies

    Our pies are made especially for us using the best ingredients, carefully prepared in small batches, and filled into delicious all-butter...

    Regular price £24.00
  • Lancashire Cheese & Onion Pies - DukesHill

    Lancashire Cheese & Onion Pies

    Our pies are the best pies in Britain (well, our pie chef has won five categories at the British Pie...

    Regular price £24.00
  • Mini Stilton Topped Pork Pies x4 - DukesHill

    Mini Stilton Topped Pork Pies x4

    Indulge in the delectable flavours of our Mini Stilton Topped Pork Pies x4. Made with the finest British quality assured...

    Regular price £13.50
  • English Apple & Cinnamon Pies

    English Apple & Cinnamon Pies

    Enjoy a delicious apple and cinnamon pie, made for DukesHill by fellow Royal Warrant holder, Montmartre Patisserie. These traditional apple...

    Regular price £9.50