6 Easy To Prepare & Healthy Recipes For The New Year

With the festive season firmly behind us, all attention turns towards implementing new habits and new routines for the New Year. However, if you're looking for a healthy start to the New Year then it can be hard to know where to start without sacrificing delicious flavours. Fear not, we have compiled our top picks for simple, healthy and delicious recipes to kick off 2024. These 6 easy to prepare recipes are sure to have you starting the next twelve months in style.

1. Warm Turkey Orange & Pecan Winter Salad

Amongst or after all the decadent and rich Christmas food, it is sometimes a welcome change to incorporate something a little more fresh and light. This Warm Turkey Salad is as light as they come and the perfect way to use up your leftover turkey. You can also try it with chicken for the perfect midweek lunch and the simple ingredients and quick preparation make it a truly versatile but healthy year-round dish.

turkey salad on plate

2. Ham Hock Soup

If you're looking for something warm, comforting and packed with goodness, this easy Ham Hock Soup recipe is the one for you! Ham hock soup is an indulgent but healthy British classic and a simple way to add lots of vegetables to your diet in the New Year. Ham hock itself is an especially tasty cut of meat and imparts wonderful flavour on the soup, proving that you really can make easy and healthy recipes without sacrificing anything when it comes to taste.

ham hock soup in bowl next to plate of bread

3. Spiced Mackerel With Avocado & Tomato Raita

The New Year is also a fantastic time to try out new food pairings and few are as delicious as the unique combination of smoked mackerel with spices and Raita. This Spiced Mackerel recipe takes just 20 minutes to prepare and couples the lightness of mackerel with an authentic cooling Raita. The fun combination of spices and refreshing avocado and tomato is especially delicious and the perfect way to craft a healthy lunch or supper.

spiced mackerel with raita

4. Bacon, Kale & Stilton Salad

Eating your greens has never been easier thanks to this light and healthy Bacon, Kale & Stilton Salad recipe! Perfect as a refreshing lunch, this salad is packed with goodness. The kale gives the salad lots of texture, while the bacon and Stilton complete a really varied and satisfying dish. This recipe can be prepared nice and quickly, though we suggest planning ahead and making the salad dressing the night before to get the best flavour.

5. Sausage & Squash With Ginger & Lentils

This healthy sausage recipe is perfect if you want to guarantee that you get your 'five a day'. Filled with vegetables, it's a filling, nutritious and tasty one-pot supper dish that combines DukesHill's finest sausages with warming lentils. Once all of the preparation is done, you can simple leave the casserole in the oven where all of the delicious flavours start to develop. This recipe is filling enough to be served without accompaniments for a really light meal too!

sausage and squash in bowls with bread

6. Bacon & White Bean Stew

We love finding shortcuts that still result in the best flavours, and this Bacon & White Bean Stew is the perfect example of that! It's an incredibly simple recipe that transforms tinned haricot beans into a rustic and healthy stew in very little time. The saltiness of the bacon adds an indulgent and comforting touch to this staple dish for winter and beyond. 

bacon and white bean stew