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    Half Bone-In Shropshire Black Ham

    Introducing our Shropshire Black Ham - a culinary legacy tracing back to the historic Bradenham Ham of 1781. Legend has it that this flavoursome ham's recipe journeyed from Buckinghamshire to Wiltshire with a butler who fell out with Lord Bradenham, leading to the birth of the Bradenham Ham Company. Despite changing fortunes and names over the years, we've managed to recreate the original recipe, giving rise to the Shropshire Black Ham. Similar to the York Ham, this dry-cured delight boasts a robust flavour and firm texture, refined over several months of maturation. What sets it apart is its distinctive black rind, achieved through a special marinade of molasses, juniper berries, and spices during a two-week process. The result is an impressively full-flavoured ham, cherished by connoisseurs seeking the ultimate taste experience. Cooked and ready to savour, the Shropshire Black Ham brings history and exceptional taste to your table. Relish the legacy of flavours that spans generations! Cooked and ready to eat.

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